Finished chair on my deck.

Note two-board seat in background.

Westboro Chair c.1905 Patent

This is the precursor to the Adirondack chair. The story is a bit of a soap opera (spoiler alert) 

Adirondack Chair

c.1938 Patent

This is the patent that shows what we now consider the classic lawn chair. Below are photos taken during production.

Two-Board Chair

This is an ancient form, called a Viking chair, a Bog chair, etc. They crop up in many cultures. I made mine from scrap lumber in 45 minutes. I could have done it in 30 if I hadn't tried to make the mortise too exact.

Deck Chairs thru the Ages

Michael Bray DESIGN​​

Building the Adirondack Chair: a journal of the process.

The two-board chair didn't take too long, but the Adirondack chair required a bit more care. First, I got overwhelmed with variations on the internet. Big surprise. So I decided to limit myself. That is why I chose to make the Westboro Chair and the first patented Adirondack chair. For the Westboro Chair Bought the plans from the Adirondack Museum, since the patent drawing sucked.

While waiting I decided to make a fairly accurate version of the 1938  chair. Below are some steps along the way...

Back leg detail with angle notes, and shape traced from template.