Woodworking c.1880 is the theme of my booth this year. It will feature many of the hand tools that would have been the hot new items everyone wanted, much as 3D printers and laser cutters are today.

You can watch as I demonstrate how fast and efficient the seemingly old fashioned tools of yesterday are. The secret is that you can't download an app to do this! You have to practice and practice.

Start practicing right there at my booth. I will show you how to use the saws, chisels and planes safely and effectively. There is stuff to make, and there is stuff to break

Workbench top c.1945

Base c.2016

What an incredibly fun and busy day that was! I was too busy to count, but I had kids working at the bench ALL day. I will be doing it all again on October 23rd at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire.

History San JoseMini Maker Faire 2016

Michael Bray DESIGN​​​

Sunday, September 4th 11:00am to 6:00pm

​at History Park in San Jose